About Us

"Automations Systems Company” LTD performs delivery, installation, repair and fitting services of Control and Measurement instrumentation and Automation tools, security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, supply and installation of mini Telephone Exchange Systems at high level. At the same time it fulfills unsanctioned interference, detection and prevention of external objects, supply and installation of turnstiles systems, and the establishment of Local Area Network Services. "ASC" LTD also carries out service of same systems. From technical standpoint, experts, who have gained great experience in oil and gas field for a long time, carry out execution of works listed above.

List of business facilities which "Automations Systems Company” works with:

  • 1. Social development department of SOCAR
  • 2. "Azneft" Production Association
  • 2.1. "Neft Dashları" (Oil Rocks) Oil and Gas Production Department
  • 2.2 "28 May" Oil and Gas Production Department
  • 2.3. Oil and Gas Production Department named after "N. Narimanov"
  • 2.4. "Absheronneft" Oil and Gas Production Department
  • 2.5. Operation of gas storage
  • 3. "Bahar Enerji" Operating Company
  • 4. "AzGerneft" Limited Liability Company

"Automations Systems Company” LTD has also wide international connections and these connections are used for been supplied in modern, with high validation, analog, digital characteristically Control Measurement Devices and Automations.