Technical services

"Automations Systems Company" LTD's list of works carried out:

  • Repair and maintenance of Control and Measurement Devices, automatic vehicles, control and management, fire, explosion, unsanctioned interference security-alarm, video surveillance, video projection, sound, turnstiles access to buildings, emergency signal installation of systems, adjustment

  • Installation of Control and Measurement Devices at Deep Water Jackets (DWJ), in the mouth of the well equipment of pier platforms and land mines, in lines, in separator, in technological vans, replacement of unsuitable Control and Measurement Devices for operations and materials with modern, devices made of stainless material, globe valves, manifolds, and with other materials.

  • Installation of manifold systems, which allows continuously distribution of reagent in the exit lines of exploited donator pumps at DWJ.

  • To avoid loss of products to environment and on the deck in technological equipment, lines, devices in the process of blow at DWJ and establishment of transportation systems of blow products to the drainage capacity, in order to ensure environmental safety.

  • Repair of exploited Automatic distribution facilities, wells produced oil and gas products, Group Size facilities, and replacing of fallen useless Control and Measurement Devices and Automatic vehicles with the new ones and contemporaries (stainless steel material) as a result of exploitation for many years.

  • Repair of Control and Measurement Devices and Automatics vehicles.

  • Installation of technological parameters in the control equipment, and transferring data to the control room in low and high-pressure gas-condensate (liquid) separators, transmission lines at DWJ.

  • Installation of pressure transducers in order to control the parameters of the production wells mouth at DWJ and transmission the data to the central control computer in the operator room.

  • Control and management, fire and explosion protection, installation of alarm systems, adjustment and repair of modern, digital Control and Measurement Devices and Automatic vehicles at compressor stations.

  • Installation and adjustment of Control and Measurement Devices and Automatic vehicles in oil collection, preparation and delivery points.

  • Supply of video projection, access to buildings turnstiles systems.